Lenny & Larry’s birthday cake cookie review

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting, and for my absence from social media, I haven’t been feeling very well. I felt quite down after my night shift and then started to suffer with terrible migraines. On top of all that my last two wisdom teeth have started to come through and painkillers aren’t really helping me. So I’ve had a couple of days off work where I’ve struggled to sleep, especially last night where I was woken up over and over again by my cats. I’m still feeling rough today but I need to go back to work.

Edit: I went to work, paid for the bus and felt awful again when I got on it. I tried to go to work but it was getting worse so I had to come home. I feel rubbish and I feel terrible that I’m letting my colleagues down. I’ve seen my doctor and she’s given me new painkillers so hopefully these work and I can get back to living properly.

Today I have a review of a product which I didn’t know existed until I went to Swansea Vegan Festival, Lenny & Larry’s complete cookie in the birthday cake flavour.

I bought this cookie instead of buying vegan cake for myself for my birthday and I did manage to save it until my actual birthday. The thing that struck me about these cookies is that they contain 16g of protein and 8g of fibre. While it’s not the healthiest way of getting protein, with all the fats and sugar, I think it’s a big middle finger to those who say ‘where do you get your protein from?’


When you open the packet there isn’t much of a smell coming from the cookie, I don’t know why I expected an imported packaged cookie to have a baked goods scent, but I did. It’s a thick vanilla cookie with hundreds and thousands throughout and it looks delicious. I was expecting the cookie to be harder than it was, it was soft like a dense cake and melted away as I chewed. It also wasn’t as sweet as I expected and had a creamy vanilla taste to it. Despite the size and thickness of the cookie I didn’t find it overpowering, overindulgent or heavy and I could have eaten a second one to be honest.

This cookie was amazing and I’d really like to try the white chocolate macadamia and double chocolate peanut butter swirl varieties next.


Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour (wheat flour [unbleached], niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), cane sugar, palm margarine (palm oil, palm kernel oil, sunflower oil, water, salt, vegetable monoglycerides, sunflower lecithin, flavoring, citric acid, vitamin a palmitate, vitamin d3),protein blend (pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, wheat gluten),vanilla flavor, sprinkles (sugar, corn starch, vegetable fat, spirulina extract, turmeric, carotene, paprika, beetroot red, anthocyanins, maltodextrin, carnauba wax), oat fiber, apple fiber, molasses, butter flavor, salt, baking soda, flaxseed, oregano, sunflower lecithin.

Hope you’ve had a great week so far,


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