Superdrug Trichology review

Evening all!

Well it seems like summer is finally here, and I get to work all week in a small warm room, in a heavy lab coat, with a bunch of other people and no air conditioning *thumbs up*. It’s absolutely sweltering and very uncomfortable but I guess it gives me a chance to try out all the deodorants that I have to review! I had an Amazon order yesterday, a kind of care package, I got a memory foam neck rest, an eye mask for migraines and a mouth guard to help with my bruxism. I’m sort of feeling better this well, I have a dull headache but it’s not too painful now and I don’t have any of the sensory issues I had last week. My internet is still playing up but I have an engineer coming tomorrow so hopefully everything will be working properly soon.

Today I’m reviewing some of Superdrug’s Trichology range.

I have a problem with dandruff, it’s not too visible but I know it’s there and so I decided to try this range from Superdrug which is supposed to help with dandruff problems. The range fights the flakes, itchiness and dryness that dandruff brings. The products are approved by trichologists and designed to tackle even the most stubborn dandruff whilst moisturising the scalp and relieving irritation. The products are formulated with caffeine, lime and ginseng.

The first product I tried was the revitalising scalp shampoo. This shampoo is fairly thick, and a pretty pearlescent white. It foams up quick a lot and has a sort of fabric conditioner smell to it which is really strange but I found it quite comforting and relaxing. I’m impressed with this product because it worked the first time I used it, my scalp was less red and had less dandruff (I had to get my husband to check). On subsequent uses the product continued it’s work and I was left with a cleaner and more comfortable scalp. My hair looked healthy overall but I felt like it was better for the health of my scalp than the overall look of my hair, which tended to turn greasy a bit quicker than when I use my regular shampoo. I went through the bottle quite quickly despite it’s size and I need to go back and buy more because this stuff really works. I paid £2.65 for the 250ml bottle.


I also purchased the rebalancing scalp tonic. I’ve never seen a product like this where you apply a liquid to the scalp so I was curious and looking to boost the powers of the shampoo. It also had that same clean, fresh laundry scent and you apply it straight from the nozzle of the bottle. It didn’t irritate my sensitive scalp but I could feel the sensation of it working. The product did leave a wet look to my hair, not greasy, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable applying this and then going out in public so I keep it for days when I am at home. It does add to the effect of the shampoo and I feel like this product has lasted me for longer. I also paid £2.65 for the 150ml bottle. The other products in the range are a conditioner and a dry shampoo.

Hope your week is going well,


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