Wilmersburger’s ravioli review

Hi everyone,

It’s Friday! I have this weekend off which I’m pretty pleased about because I’m shattered. I get to see a friend tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be having vegan brunch. If it manages to happen then I’ll post about it on Sunday and I will upload photos to Instagram. I am also planning to pick up a few things from town so all in all I’m pretty excited.

Today I am reviewing Wilmersburger’s cheese ravioli.

I used to be partial to a nice cheese ravioli so I grabbed a pack of this product whilst at Vegfest, hoping for it to be a good imitation. I was pretty annoyed that it took 12 minutes to cook but the pasta came out soft and tasted right so that was a positive. However, the cheese inside wasn’t soft and had no real flavour. You could sort of see what they were aiming for but in my opinion they missed the mark by a long shot. I was looking for a soft, pasta wrapped parcel of creamy melted cheese but that’s not what I received. I paid £3.99 for the pack so it was a fairly expensive disappointment, and a product which I wouldn’t purchase again.


Ingredients: Dough: durum wheat semolina, water. Filling (40%): Wilmer Burger Organic Pizza shreds (45%: water, coconut oil, starch, salt, wheat protein, natural flavor, spices, acidity regulator: lactic acid), breadcrumbs (wheat flour, yeast), sea salt, emulsifier: soy lecithin, pepper.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend,


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