Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg review

Hi everyone,

I made it through a week of work with very little issues (a few headaches but nothing too extreme). I’ve also been exercising every day, going from not being able to do one press up to being able to do five. As well as that I’ve done a lot of squats and weights. The journey to building my weight up is very much back on track. I spent Saturday enjoying vegan food in my city with my friends and buying a selection of treats for myself. I have another week of work ahead, and I actually have an interview on Thursday that I’m not really looking forward to.

Today I’m reviewing Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg.

I have been curious about this product since I saw it online and the fact that it comes in a little egg box made me more curious as I didn’t know what was inside. I was a little disappointed to just find a bag of yellow powder inside but I still think the packaging is cute. It’s maybe a little more familiar for those who have just transitioned from eating eggs and it’s a little better than the large box that my other egg replacer comes in.

The powder has a strong sulphur smell which gave me hope for making scramble from it. You basically take a small amount of powder and mix it with ice cold water to make an ‘egg’ mixture which you can cook by itself or use for baking. I haven’t used it for baking because I can’t use my oven for that long without it smoking (and yes, I’ve cleaned it out many times). The first thing I made with the powder was scramble and I have to say that it worked really well in terms of look, the texture was okay, but the egg smell leaves when you cook it. I assume that’s so your cake doesn’t taste like baked eggs and you could just add Himalayan salt to put the taste back in. I found the mixture easy to make, even without measuring, I think my first attempt was a little thick but it came out okay, the second batch came out a little better.


I also used the mixture to make an omelette which also came out okay, I find that the Vegan Egg tastes a little better when you cook it in vegan butter rather than oil. The omelette actually had more of an egg taste to it which did freak me out a little bit. I also made French toast, and was surprised that the batter didn’t need flour like when I use my other replacer. Although I found that my other replacer has a texture which isn’t so eggy, and I do prefer my regular recipe.


Now, this isn’t exactly a cheap product, it cost me £7 for the 114g box which makes 10-12 eggs. I’ve seen people be really inventive with vegan egg substitutes, in baking, scrambles and omelettes so I don’t know whether it’s really worth it when there are great (and cheaper) alternatives available. All in all I guess I’m on the fence about this one, I’m happy it’s on the market but I’m not sure I’d splash out for another box as I didn’t eat eggs before I became vegan and I’m not that fussed on them anyway. Give me a tofu scramble any day.

Ingredients: Whole Algal Flour, Whole Algal Protein, Modified Cellulose, Cellulose, Gellan Gum, Calcium Lactate (Plant Source), Carrageenan, Nutritional Yeast, Black Salt.

Have you tried Vegan Egg? If you have then what did you think of it? What other egg substitutes do you like to use?

Hope your week is a great one,


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