Tutti Gourmet fruit crackers review

Hi everyone,

I swear yesterday was the warmest day of the year, I had decided to cover myself in black and wore a cardigan so it wasn’t the best day for me. I’ve been upping my calories and weight training in an attempt to increase my weight, but it’s not easy in this heat. I’ve been in work all day today and I hope it isn’t as warm as it was yesterday, luckily I have tomorrow off for a job interview. I’m also hoping to catch up on some sleep because I am absolutely shattered.

Today I am reviewing Tutti Gourmet’s bana krisp cafe fruit crackers.

These crackers are full of nutrients and antioxidants, a healthy snack which isn’t raw bars or kale chips. The added coffee is supposed to give you a boost and the product has a very simple and natural ingredients list.

The photo on front of the packet made it look as if they’d be big pieces, but they are thin and crunchy but quickly soften. There’s a little sharpness from the fruit, creaminess and richness from the coconut and banana, then the added richness from the coffee and finally an almost burnt toast taste from the sesame seeds. I love how you can taste each separate ingredient, and that they work so well together. They have a great taste and texture and I happily munched the whole bag.


These were a present so I don’t know where they bought them, or how much they paid, but the 80g back is available online for $4.95. I had trouble finding them in GBP. Tutti Gourmet do make some other varieties of the fruit crackers, they also make biscotti but that has egg in it.

Hope you’re having a good week,



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