Garbo’s cafe/bar review

Hi everyone, As this goes live I am probably asleep, preparing myself for my night shift later. I’m not particularly looking forward to it but I find the solace allows me time for reflection, planning and organising, which is always welcome. Today I’m reviewing the restaurant where I had my birthday meal, Garbo’s cafe andContinue reading “Garbo’s cafe/bar review”

Heavenly Organics skin care review

Evening everyone, Another week over but I can’t look forward to the weekend because I have a night shift tomorrow, Saturday day and Sunday will probably be spent asleep. I hope to read more of my book on my shift as I couldn’t do a book review last month because I didn’t read much. TodayContinue reading “Heavenly Organics skin care review”

Vivani strawberry wafer review

Hi everyone, I’ve had a day off today and have spent the morning relaxing and watching tv (woke up at 6am despite really wanting a lie in). The afternoon has been spent organising and cleaning, I have a short shift tomorrow and then a night shift so I’m transitioning to staying up late tomorrow night.Continue reading “Vivani strawberry wafer review”

Vegolino pralines review

Hi everyone, Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I am not having a great week. Yesterday I forgot to put my phone on charge so I woke up half an hour after I was supposed to be on my bus. I ran around like crazy, got ready in fifteen minutes and caught a taxi to work.Continue reading “Vegolino pralines review”

Juice Beauty review

Evening everyone, Yesterday was a long day and this morning I was very tired but I’ve been back at work today. There isn’t going to be a book review post for July because I only read one book before I started my massive book on Autism which I still haven’t finished. I hope to finishContinue reading “Juice Beauty review”