Fry’s cocktail sausage rolls review

Evening all,

I spent yesterday with my family and my husbands family, I was out most of the day and ate all my meals out of the house. Didn’t get home until nearly 10 pm and I am exhausted to be honest. When I get home after work I’ll probably have a nap because I’m working Saturday, Sunday night and Monday morning, a total of 22 hours over the weekend. Then I’m back in Tuesday for the rest of next week, my massage on the 10th is my reward for working so much and I’m just focusing on that.

Today I’m reviewing Fry’s cocktail sausage rolls.

I absolutely love Linda McCartney’s, Tesco’s and Vbites’ sausage rolls so I figured that I’d try Fry’s offering and see what I thought. I was surprised when I opened them as they were full sized sausage rolls which you divide into cocktail size after they are cooked. I was expecting small pieces of sausage rolls but it wasn’t too much of an issue. Except they weren’t exactly what I was expecting when they were cooked either, I didn’t like the mustard between the sausage and pastry and the sausage was like a whole sausage rather than sausage meat. I just felt like they weren’t real sausage rolls, more like sausage wrapped in pastry and, despite me liking the brand a lot, this product just wasn’t for me. However, I guess I don’t need to like everything they make. I paid around £3.50 for the 450g box.


Ingredients: Puff pastry (50 %): Wheat flour (Gluten), White margarine, Salt, Water, Fry’s Braai Sausage (46 %): Vegetable protein (Soya), Wheat protein, Sunflower oil, Wheat flour, Starch, Flavourings, Spices, Sea salt, Seaweed extract, Colour: Caramel, Wholegrain mustard (4 %): Mustard powder, Mustard seeds, Salt, Sugar, Citric acid, Vinegar.

Hope you have a great weekend,


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