Nature’s Store hazelnut and cocoa spread review

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn’t post Monday. I finished work at 7:30am and just came home to relax, the last two weeks have been hell for me, I haven’t had a proper day off since the 28th and my next day off isn’t until Saturday. As a reward I have booked myself a massage, opting for the Indian head massage this time as I have had a headache every day for the last month. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep, increased bruxism or stress but I intend to see my GP about it because it’s impacting on my life now and pain medication isn’t working. I’ve also booked a few days off working starting next weekend and I’m looking forward to that.

Today I’m reviewing Nature’s Store hazelnut and cocoa spread.

I absolutely loved Nutella before I became vegan, I loved eating it in sandwiches with peanut butter so when I saw this vegan spread available in supermarkets I knew I needed it in my life.


I don’t think that this spread is as thick as Nutella and it’s a bit more sugary but it’s divine. Creamy with a lovely chocolate and hazelnut flavour, I’m not ashamed to say that I finished half the pot off with just a spoon. I love this spread and have bought it several times since. I paid £2 for the 350g pot at Tesco. Sorry this has been a very short review but I liked the product so much I just wanted to talk about it.

Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Oils (Palm and Rapeseed), Hazelnuts (11%), Low Fat Cocoa Powder (9%), Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavours.

Hope you’re having a good week,


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