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Hi everyone,

First of all I’m sorry that I didn’t post Friday, I finished work and immediately had the worst headache so I went home to catch up on some sleep. I’ve had the weekend off and I’m off til Thursday so I’m hoping to get a lot done. The weekend was pretty busy and today I’ve been waiting for my landlord to fix a few things at home.

I wanted to do something a little different today and post a wishlist instead of a review as I haven’t done one in a while.

My friend bought me this super cute little make up bag from Disaster Designs, their website is wholesale only but there are a few websites which stock their products, I found a lot of the designs I liked on Temptation Gifts’ website.


This bag is part of the Daydream range and is just adorable, all their bags are made from faux leather so they are vegan-friendly. I thought it would be a fun idea to look through some of their products and pick out my favourites.

This makeup bag is also adorable, the colours are very pretty and I really like the polka dots, birds and the swirly clouds. Also, the message is great.This one is from the In a Nutshell range. This is £17.96.


This is another super sweet makeup bag from their Ditsy range, I love the mix of floral fabrics with the black zips and the text is also lovely. The bag is £21.56.

This is another makeup bag, from their In Bloom range. I love the vintage feel, the colours and the little addition to the zip. This bag feels so special to me because I love roses. You can find it on Temptation Gifts website for £13.27.



The last makeup bag I chose is from their Collective Noun range. I’m not too enthused by the background images but it’s sloths! I love sloths! You can find it for around £21.56.

Next up is a wash bag from their Paper Plane range. The brown paper style bag is charming and the string and stamps add another level of cuteness. I could definitely imagine taking this travelling with me if I ever went travelling. You can find the bag for £20.66.


Okay onto wallets and purses, the first is this polyanthus, seed packet style wallet. This wallet is from In Bloom, the same range as the rose makeup bag. I love how it almost looks like a book, Disaster Designs do have a range which looks like books but I found them a little too dark looking for my tastes. I love the colours of this the gold outline and the bee attached to the zip. The wallet is £21.56.

Another wallet that I really liked was this block coloured one from their Dakota range. I love how the colours go so well together, the envelope opening and the little arrow detail. It’s a bit bolder than some of my other choices but I love it. You can buy it for £29.66.


I also liked this badger wallet from their Tales and Trails range. The soft colours really appeal to me and the little badger in the corner is so sweet. I think I’d actually use this as a makeup bag for my handbag as it doesn’t really feel like a wallet to me. You can find it for £24.26.


Another wallet which I thought was quite sleek and stylish was this fox purse from their Heritage & Harlequin range. The unpatterned background makes the beautiful fox stand out and I love the little tassel on the zip. You can find it for £23.56.

The last wallet I picked out was this beautiful Tudor style design from their Home range. This tiny sweet wallet is just fantastic, I love Tudor-style housing and the wallet has such great detail. You can find it for £24.26


While I’m talking about their Home range I also fell in love with this three storey house mini bag. I love the simplicity, the little misshapen windows, the bicycles and the key on the strap. This bag is £35.06.



The next bag is from the Daydream range, the same range which started off this wish list. I love the black with the images over it, the little cat motif and the saying on the front. The little circle is a window and when you open the bag there is a full sized image of a cat underneath. You can find this for £32.36.


The next satchel is from their 1916 range and the design is a bit more grown up. I really like the large floral painted pattern, the tan leather style and the tassel at the side. You can find the bag for £47.66.


The last bag I wanted to add to the wishlist is this satchel from their Ampersand range. The tan ‘leather’, floral designs and polka dots and gorgeous and the message inside is really cute “you can’t buy happiness but you can buy books and that’s kind of the same thing”. This bag is adorable all round and you can find it for £44.96.



That’s all the bags that I wanted to add to the wishlist but I also have a few home items that I wanted to add.

I love this nordikka origami bear lamp, I actually love all the noridkka lamps but if I had to pick one it would be this one. I like that it gives off a soft light and I think the animal body is lovely. You can find this lamp for £27.


While we are on the subject of lamps I also really love this green diplodocus from the same range. Adorable. This one is the same price from the same website as above.


The last item on the wishlist is a teacup, I don’t drink tea unless it’s of the fruit variety but I think this would make a lovely decorative piece. It’s the octopus teacup from the Tales in a Teacup range. Octopuses are one of my favourite sea creatures and I like that this design also includes boats and people hanging off the tentacles. It’s cute but just a tad creepy. You can find it for £12.56.


Well, that’s the end of this wishlist, I had fun searching through all the different ranges. Do you like this brand’s designs? Let me know below.

Hope your week is off to a great start,



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