The Goodness Project September Box review

Hi everyone,

Last week was a bit all over the place, I had my house redecorated, worked all week and barely got any sleep. I’m up at 6am this morning for another week of work and I’m hating the change in weather and the fact it’s so dark and cold when I wake up. I am not looking forward to Winter!

Today I’m reviewing The Goodness Project’s September box (and yes, I know this post is late!)

I decided to make a change in subscription boxes, there are three that I originally wanted so I opted to try each out for three months to see what I thought. The first I tried was The Vegan Kind and overall I’ve been impressed with that subscription. My next three boxes are coming from The Goodness Project (formerly FlowBox).

September’s box had a range of goodies, and while the packaging was really lovely, nothing really grabbed my attention and made me want to dive in so I grabbed each item one by one and tried a bit of each.

The first thing I picked up was the BBQ corn kernels from Darling. I thought they had more of a smoked taste than a BBQ seasoning and not all the pieces of corn seemed to be coated as some just tasted like salt. When I did get a coated piece the flavour was salty, sweet, savoury and smoky. I found them okay but didn’t enjoy them any more than another other corn kernels I’ve tried. I’m not sure I’d buy anything from the brand because a lot of their more flavourful products have dairy in them.


Next I tried these rosehip, chia and strawberry raw bliss balls from The Bondi Kitchen. I found them to have a very sweet taste and a soft texture. I could taste creamy strawberry and then had an intense hit of coconut as an aftertaste. I’m not really sure that I liked them and I don’t think I really like bliss balls of any description. If I was to try any more of their products it would have to be their cacao, chia and orange variety.


I then moved onto the raw chocolate with goji berries and vanilla from Rawr. I don’t like goji berries, especially not in chocolate, and this bar had large visible berries throughout. The chocolate itself wasn’t too dark in taste but still had a little bitterness despite it being sweeter than I expected. I liked that the bar was fair trade and the wrapper is made from cacao shell. The chocolate melted in the mouth but I just couldn’t get over the texture of the goji berries in the bar. I’d like to try their orange and their lucuma chocolate next.


The last new snack product I tried was the goji berry and coconut oat bar from Artisan. Great, more goji berries! I was expecting some kind of flapjack but it looked like a fruit bar with oats through it, I also wasn’t expecting it to be crunchy. It didn’t say anything about protein crunches on the front so I definitely wasn’t expecting that sort of texture. There wasn’t much flavour to the bar and I didn’t enjoy eating it and I probably wouldn’t buy anything else from their fruit bar range.


The last new product in the box was these organic pad Thai noodles from King Soba, they seemed like a large pack and I was excited to use them, although not for Thai recipes as I don’t like the flavours. They were extraordinarily quick to cook and were long, thin and somewhat soft in texture. I didn’t particularly like them in a stir fry, or with sauce alone, but I really liked them in Asian flavoured soups. A little handful of these noodles goes a long way in adding another dimension to a soup dish. I actually feel like the noodles were my favourite out of this box.


The last product was the Provamel banana soya milk, which I’ve previously reviewed here so I won’t review the product again. I think I’d like to try Provamel’s rice, coconut and pineapple milk and some of their yogurts and desserts next.


Overall, this box was a little disappointing but they can’t please everyone with a generic box and I believe that I am quite fussy. I’m looking forward to my next box arriving soon so I can hopefully find something new that I like.


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