Nakd Peanut Delight Bar review

Hi everyone,

I had a restful day off yesterday and I am working late again tonight, at least I have the weekend off to catch up on everything.

Today I’m reviewing Nakd’s new peanut delight bar.

When I saw that Nakd had released a few new flavours I got a little excited, not about the carrot cake and apricot crunch varieties but I saw they had this peanut bar and my heart skipped a beat.


When you open the bar you get an immediate whiff of peanut butter which was enough for me to devour the bar on the bus, regardless of who was looking at me. There are large pieces of nuts throughout the bar, something which I’ve never had in a Nakd bar before but I loved the mixture of soft bar and crunchy nuts. The bar was sweet from the dates but also had a salty taste and the combination was delicious. It doesn’t taste as much like peanut butter as it smells but the taste is still lovely. I could eat these all day and I’d say that this is my new favourite flavour, move over chocolate orange you’ve been replaced.

Ingredients: Dates (53%), peanuts (46%), sea salt and a hint of natural flavouring.

I paid 75p for the 35g bar at Sainsbury’s.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend


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