Body Shop Moringa Perfume review

Evening everyone,

My weekend plans of finishing my to do list went out the window as the last two days were mainly spent napping and watching TV. Oh well, I’ll just have to make a little more effort this week. I might hear some good news today and if I do then I’ll let you know in my next blog, let’s just say I’m crossing all my fingers and toes.

Today I am reviewing Body shop’s moringa eau de toilette.

I don’t personally buy from Body Shop (although I am undecided as to whether I will in the future) so this perfume was a gift.


The perfume has a delicate floral scent which reminds me almost of violets, it also has sweet notes and maybe smelt to me a little like washing powder. I found it fresh and feminine although the scent was maybe a little weak in my opinion. After testing this out for a few weeks I can confirm that the scent didn’t last long on my skin or clothes and was barely noticeable by the end of the day. I feel like you’d need to keep it in your bag to top up the scent and for that reason I was unimpressed with the product.

It’s a fairly cheap option at £8.50 for 30ml but I think I’d rather pay more for a stronger, longer lasting scent.

Hope your week is off to a good start,



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