Superdrug facial konjac sponge review

Hi everyone,

I worked til 9 last night so I’m pretty tired today and I still have another 4 days to work this week, I’ll probably collapse after Sunday night so I think some coffee is just what I need today. I also have a few exciting bits of personal news but I don’t want to share them until everything is finalised.

Today I’m reviewing Superdrug’s facial konjac sponge.

When I wash my face in the shower, or at the sink I use my hands to apply products and I have been looking for something to replace that, something to help me become better at facial cleansing.


This konjac sponge from Superdrug is supposed to delicately exfoliate and cleanse the skin while stimulating blood circulation, leaving the skin soft, smooth and refreshed. The product description sounded ideal so I picked up one sponge during my regular shop. The instructions said to wet the sponge before using it so that’s what I did, I ran it under the shower for a minute and then used it on my face with no additional product. It felt like slightly rougher polystyrene and I didn’t feel like it was doing a lot of work on my skin. After a couple of minutes the sponge started to disintegrate and it just fell into pieces in my hand. I was extremely disappointed as I was only able to use it once and that one experience wasn’t even good.

The single sponge is £1.99.

Hope you’re having a great week,


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2 thoughts on “Superdrug facial konjac sponge review

  1. Oh no! How disappointing. I’d want my money back! I use a slightly higher end konjac sponge and have no problems. It’s the second I’ve bought and the first lasted me around 4 months using it around 2 times a week so I have high hopes for this one.

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