B. Rescued Balm Review

Evening everyone,

This weekend is going to be an absolute nightmare for me, too many things are happening at once and I am only one person. I’m closer to sharing my news but there’s other things that are happening that are making me anxious. I’m also working til 6 tonight, back in Saturday for a night shift (when the clocks go back, talk about unlucky), and then back in work Monday. No rest for the wicked, I guess.

Today I’m reviewing B.’s rescued energising balm.

This was another present I received for my birthday (I’m desperately trying to get through everything before Christmas!), but looking on Superdrug’s website I can see that it’s no longer available to buy. I don’t know why it was discontinued but I thought I’d give it a review anyway.

This 30ml balm is supposed to revive tired and dull skin, leaving it radiant and awake. That definitely sounds like something I need in my life. It works no matter how much sleep you’ve had, and as I tend to get between six and seven hours a night I really wanted to try it. The balm contains Persian silk tree extract which helps to reduce glycotoxins that can cause the skin to seem dull. It provides 12 hours of hydration and can be used as a base for applying makeup.


First off, this balm smelt gorgeous, a sweet floral scent that reminded me of rose or violet. It was an absolute pleasure to apply it as it went on really easily, and the slight tackiness went away after a minute leaving satin soft skin. The whole experience felt luxurious and I enjoyed putting it on before bed each night. As for the effects I was pleasantly surprised, my skin was definitely more radiant. A natural kind of radiance, not the glittery kind that I had with the Vitamin E cream. It gave me that natural highlight that Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant range provides but I much preferred the scent and feel of this balm. My skin wasn’t as dull as it usually is and I looked like I had had a bit more sleep than I usually do. It did make a great base for makeup and overall I was really pleased with the product, it’s such a shame that I can’t buy another pack.

I hope you have an amazing weekend,


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