Pulsin Pea Protein Powder

Hi everyone,

I survived the weekend night shift, just about. I felt really rough yesterday after I got home and I don’t feel any better today so I decided to take the day off work. I suppose it’s time I revealed some of this news I have been talking about for a while, it’s really a time where everything has come up at once and I have several hats on trying to get everything done. It’s a particularly stressful time and my anxiety is very high right now.

Firstly, you may have seen on my social media that I picked up the keys for our new rental property on the weekend. Basically I’m moving closer to work (I currently spend 2 hours a day commuting on a bus) and to an actual house for a cheaper price than my current flat. I’m going from a one bed to a two bed with an extra reception room, and a utility room. For the first time since 2012 I won’t have loud people living above me and I’ll have stairs! I’ll also have a bath for the first time in two years so I can have bath bombs again, I’m so excited but the house does need a bit of cleaning and we still have to move everything, it’s going to be a lot of work.

The next piece of news is that I have been given an unconditional offer for a new job, I’ll still be working at the same hospital but I’ll be going from the lab to the burns ITU as a ward receptionist. I’m very anxious about this change and the new responsibilities that I’ll have. I’m not sure of a start date yet but it will probably be before Christmas.

The last bit of news is that I have finally had a date for my surgery that I’ve been waiting months for, hopefully everything goes to plan and it doesn’t get cancelled for any reason.

Today I am reviewing the pea protein powder from Pulsin.

This powder is made from yellow split peas and is unflavoured as well as having a higher tolerance to heat so it’s very versatile. The product is low in carbs and fat while providing a source of amino acids and vitamins A, B6 and C. It is free from soya and GMOs, while having no added sugars. It’s suitable for vegans and contains 8.2g of protein per 10g of powder.


I bought this because I was looking for something extra to add to my smoothies and this powder seemed fairly cheap and from a brand I recognise and trust. I like that it’s a versatile product that could be used in baking but I’ve sworn off using the oven in this house because it smokes so maybe that’s something I can look forward to now. I really like adding this to my smoothies, with fruit, non dairy milk, spinach and coconut milk from a tin. It makes a lovely smoothie bowl and I find that the powder gives the thick mixture a very slightly gritty texture that reminds me of cake batter and I enjoy that. This unflavoured powder is obviously not a product you can mix in a shaker and take to the gym, you have to do something with it, but I’m not that fussed on protein shakes anyway so I don’t mind about that. You could always add it to a vegan milkshake if you want to have a drink to take away with you.

I paid around £7.99 for the 250g pouch from Tesco, although they do sell larger sizes on Pulsin’s website including a vegan protein hamper with a range of proteins and bars. The other varieties of powder Pulsin make are soya, hemp, sunflower and rice protein, so there’s plenty of choice.

I hope you have a great start to your week,


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3 thoughts on “Pulsin Pea Protein Powder

  1. I bought pea protein a few months back and absolutely hated it. No matter the amount of it I put into any food/beverage, it overpowered the entire thing. Everyone told me it was the brand but I’m still hesitant on trying other brands of it just in case I get the same result 🙂

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