The Goodness Project November (and October) Box Review

Hi everyone,

Wow, it’s been ages since I posted and it feels really strange to be typing this. I only meant to take a week off but I’ve had so much to do with leaving my job, moving house and some personal problems that I haven’t had much time to do anything really. We handed the keys in on our old house this morning and hopefully that’s all gone to plan so we can focus on getting the new house exactly how we’d like it. So yeah, a lot has been happening.

Today I am reviewing not only the November Goodness Project box, but October’s box as well.

The first box I’ll talk about is the November box.

The first thing I tried from this box was the ‘bright’ functional porridge from Graci. I couldn’t find much out about this brand because their website won’t translate through Google. I made the porridge according to the instructions even though I much prefer porridge made with milk rather than water. It cooked fairly quickly but the milk added in at the end didn’t seem to absorb into the mixture. I added my usual toppings but the flavours were lost in the strong flavour of the porridge itself. It may have been okay if I had added sugar but there was a distinct health food taste about it and the texture was awkward, kind of chewy. I also didn’t feel like it was real porridge, the mixture fell apart into little pieces in the mouth and the whole experience wasn’t a joyful one. I really didn’t like this and I’ll be sticking to my usual oats in the future.


The next product I tried was the Rhythm 108 chocolate hazelnut tea biscuits. I like the idea of these, a simple ingredients list and a handy pack which you could maybe take to a coffee shop that doesn’t offer vegan cake. The biscuits were quite thin and dark in colour, and they had a rich scent to them. The texture is crunchy but they quickly melt in the mouth with little pockets of coconut flower sugar. The cacoa was quite strong but not too overpowering and the tint hazelnut pieces throughout were nice. I just don’t know if I really enjoyed them and I probably wouldn’t buy them again. However, I would be interested to try their banana muffin dessert bar.


The only product that I had tried before in this box was the Propercorn crunch corn. I really do think that this product is a must for anyone who loves popcorn, jumbo corn or crunchy corn. The salted flavour is simple but delicious, with just a hint of sweetness and the texture is amazing. I’ve bought a few of these since.


The next product I tried was the pear and apple bar from Perry Court Farm. This was like the fruit bars you can find in Holland & Barrett except this one seemed more like real fruit, less sticky and with more of a fibrous texture. The flavour was sweet and subtle and my only qualm was that I thought the bar should have had a stronger flavour. I’d love to try the rest of their fruit bars, crisps and juices.


The final product in the box was this weird looking strawberry and basil seed drink. A quick search of their website left me a little clueless as they didn’t have this drink listed on their products, only aloe vera juice. I liked the strong strawberry scent and taste but the basil seeds were just like chia and in the end it was like drinking frogspawn and I couldn’t finish the bottle. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this product, despite the supposed benefits of consuming basil seeds.


Now onto the October box.

The first thing I tucked into was the Fiorentini tomato and basil mini mais snacks. I really liked these, they were like thinner crispier rice cakes with a strong savoury flavour. I could eat these


I also tried the Tasty Bite bombay potatoes. It was a little weird to boil a meal in a bag and I ate it without an accompaniment. It definitely needed some rice or cauliflower because for me it was a tad on the spicy side. Inside the bag is plenty of good sized veg and really strong flavours. I can’t handle Indian heat as much as Mexican heat. The sauce was full of deep spice, and tangy with a hint of sourness. For the convenience I’d say this is worth a go but I still like the bombay potatoes which come in a can and are probably cheaper.


Some vitamins from Vitl were included in this box. I can’t find the vegan version on their website so I can’t find the ingredients of the vegan versions of the animal based tablets. I haven’t taken them because I like to know exactly what’s in a tablet before I take it.


The next thing I tried was the cranberry flapjack from Wholebake. I’ve reviewed a few of their bars in the last and I’ve been okay with them despite the flapjacks being quite big and sugary. I liked this one as well but I think I would have preferred a fruit that I like such as raspberries.


Also included in this box was a bag of tea from Yuyo. I’m not that fussed on grapefruit and I’ve never tried this type of tea before but I wasn’t able to try this at the time I had this box because my kitchen cabinets had transferred mould to all my mugs. Now I am at the new house I intend to give this a go but I think I’d prefer their blend with lavender and elderflower.


The last product from this box that I tried was the maple, toasted rice and pink salt chocolate bar from Doisy & Dam. This company makes a lot of chocolate that sounds really interesting but also really strange. The bar had a very strong cacoa taste which wasn’t too bitter for my tastes. The chocolate was really rich with bits of crisped rice throughout, it’s one of those bars which is initially hard to bite into but quickly softens as you eat it. I thought that the flavour was pleasant, although not something that knocked my socks off but I am still curious about some of their other flavours.


Okay well that’s it for the last two months of boxes, in the move I forgot to cancel my subscription before the cut off date so I’ll have one more box for December and I’ll let you know my feelings then.

Hope you’ve had a lovely start to the week,


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