Coconut Merchant Coconut Syrup Review

Evening everyone,

These dark cold nights are both a blessing and a curse. I hate the shorter days and lack of light but I love getting cosy in my new house in the darkness. The only problem is that I’m struggling to stay awake and keep falling asleep on the sofa. I’ve just found out that my new job don’t want me to start until after I’ve recovered from my operation which is now in December so I won’t be working now until the 3rd of January. I have mixed feelings about this but for now I’m happy I have time to see family and friends, go to the vegan Christmas market and make a journey to town to get a VBites party pack.

Today I’m reviewing Coconut Merchant’s 100% Natural Coconut Syrup.

This coconut based syrup is made from coconut palm flowers and nothing else. If you are looking for a sweet syrup with minimal ingredients then this product is probably something you should try. The syrup is a source of zinc, iron, calcium, potassium and inulin. You can use it in any way that you’d use maple syrup or honey, in baked goods, in porridge, yogurt, and on pancakes, crepes and waffles.


I decided to use the syrup on my Vegan Egg French toast which I reviewed here. The mixture was black and much thicker than I assumed it would be, I was expecting a thinner maple syrup like texture. This product was closer to a treacle and even had a similar scent in my opinion. However, it melted on the hot French toast as you can see in the photo below. It is ridiculously sweet but also has a depth and richness that I really enjoyed. It was definitely a new experience and I enjoyed using it, I’d love to try it in coffee or baking soon. This bottle was a gift but I’ve seen the 250ml bottle online for £5.95 which seems like reasonable value to me because I only use a small amount at a time.


Ingredients: 100% coconut.

Hope you’re having a fantastic week,


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