Naturally Radiant Brightening Face Mask Review

Hi everyone,

Today is another busy day of visiting family and friends, it almost makes me yearn for next week where I’ll hopefully be at home recovering from my operation. I’m just overtired, and I’ve been running on caffeine which has scrambled my brain and isn’t doing wonders for my mental state.

Today I’m reviewing Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant brightening renewal face mask.

I swear, every time I buy something from Superdrug I am going straight online to find out all the information because this is not the first product that I’ve reviewed from them which has suddenly disappeared from their website. As a result I can’t remember how much I paid for this mask but I imagine it would have been less than five pounds, especially as I may have bought it on an offer.


The mask is supposed to revive the skin’s radiance and even out skin tone, as with all the range it contains kiwi fruit and mulberry extracts. The product should also refine the texture of the skin, improve discolouration and smooth the appearance of fine lines. To use it you apply a generous amount and then remove after ten minutes with a damp cloth.

The mask is in a gel form and has a less obvious scent than some of the products in the same range. I found it very easy to apply and it doesn’t dry so it didn’t feel uncomfortable and tight on my skin. Although it can also be a little uncomfortable to wear something wet/sticky on your face. I’ve found that it does dry somewhat if you only apply a thin layer rather than a ‘generous amount’. I also noticed that the mask stung the skin around my brow and jawline, but this didn’t happen every time I used the product, that could be something to watch out for if you have sensitive skin.

In terms of the product’s effects, I didn’t notice as much of radiant look to my skin as when I used the other products from the range, especially the hot cloth cleanser. I have to say that there was no improvement in my fine lines or skin discolouration. My skin was soft to the touch afterwards but I could easily achieve this with a moisturiser. So overall, I didn’t get much from the product and although it’s easy to use I did experience a little discomfort for no reward. I probably won’t be using it again.

I hope you’re having a lovely week,


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