A long overdue update

Hi everyone,

You all probably thought I had given up on the blog because I’ve been quiet for a couple of months, and barely on social media. I have been going through a lot since I last posted and I didn’t want to force myself to come back until I felt ready to write again. Since I posted last I have recovered from my tonsillectomy, fully moved into my new house and started my new job. I’ve been struggling with some mental health issues and stress but I’m trying to manage everything in little chunks and to be kinder to myself. I have decided that with everything I have to do at the minute I can’t keep up with posting 3/4 times a week, nor is it affordable for me to do that right now, so I will be posting blogs once or twice a week and I’ll be trying to increase my visibility on social media. I have a stockpile of reviews from the last few months so for the meantime I will be posting those in batches such as hair care, sweet snacks etc. That means longer posts for you to enjoy 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have my first new post up for you tomorrow but I just wanted to post an update to say that I’m back, I’m excited to restart the blog and I’m looking forward to being more visible in the cruelty free and vegan online communities because I’ve missed everyone so much.

Much love


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I blog about vegan and cruelty free products.

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