Superdrug Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve had an awful couple of weeks off work with shoulder pain that came on out of the blue, I spent most of that time asleep due to strong painkillers and it just generally was an experience I don’t wish to repeat. I also have costochondritis now, with inflammation of the cartilage of my ribs and breastbone and I’ve been told there’s nothing that can be done and it will be a recurrent problem. I feel like a walking disaster. I am actually happy to be going back to work tomorrow because even though I’m still in pain it’s much better than it was a couple of weeks ago and I am fed up of not being able to do anything. Today I am reviewing a mouth care product for you.

Let’s face it, having discoloured teeth isn’t the best feeling in the world. I know it probably doesn’t bother everyone but I would like my teeth to be white when I smile so when I spotted a whitening kit in Superdrug I had to try it out. You are supposed to use the kit daily for two weeks and it claims to make your teeth six shades whiter. It sounded impressive and probably cheaper than whitening at a dentist. The basic idea is you have a gel to coat the mouth guard, which covers the most of the teeth on both the top and the bottom of your mouth. I like to apply the gel in the mould first because the first thing you apply to the teeth is an accelerator in a stick and you can’t let your lips touch the teeth afterwards or it will come off, meaning that the whitening is not even. I find it easier to apply the accelerator then stick the mouth guard in my mouth straight away. You leave the gel to coat the teeth for around ten minutes after which you wash off and clean the teeth with whitening toothpaste. It’s a simple enough process and I took to showering with the guard in to make it a little quicker. Multitasking.


The first thing I will say about this product is that the gel tastes horrible, not so horrible that I couldn’t put up with it, but not pleasant. I feel like they could have easily added a gentle mint taste to make it a little nicer. The guard is also not the most comfortable to hold in the mouth and I didn’t like only being able to breathe through my nose. In terms of whitening capability I did notice a difference, and I was happy with the effects although they are obviously not perfect and you need to keep up the regime. One thing I will note is that I found my teeth were more sensitive after using the product for a while, which combined with the effort of it, meant that I was put off buying it again. The kit was only £8.99 which is fairly cheap in my opinion, and maybe it will work better for other people.

I hope you’re having a fantastic week


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