Month: March 2017

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Cruelty Free Body Wash Review

Who doesn’t love some nice smellies in the shower? As much as I like a good long bath now and again I just can’t make time in the working week so a treat in the shower is as good as it gets for me most days.

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Vegan Chocolate Review

Well my holiday is over 😦 Today is my first day back and work and I have been dreading the 6am starts but I suppose getting back into a routine is a good thing. It’s dreary Mondays like this that a bit of chocolate goes down a treat, and who doesn’t love chocolate? I will concede that not all vegan chocolate is amazing, but there are hits and misses with dairy chocolate as well. Recently I have tried some really great vegan chocolate so I thought I’d give you a look at what I’ve been eating.

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Savoury Vegan Snacks Review

 Hi everyone,

I had a lot of fun getting back into Twitter a bit last night and taking part in the weekly #veganhour. I am already exhausted this week but only two more days to go until my annual leave and I’m quite excited about that.

As much as I love a little sweet treat now and again my favourite types of snacks are savoury in nature. It is a bit disappointing that there seems to be less savoury snacks made for vegans in comparison to sweet snacks. Saying that, there are a few gems that I’ve picked up recently that I thought I would review.