Cruelty Free Body Wash Review

Who doesn’t love some nice smellies in the shower? As much as I like a good long bath now and again I just can’t make time in the working week so a treat in the shower is as good as it gets for me most days.

I had this rhubarb rumble shower jelly from Pretty Suds for Christmas, the company is cruelty free and the majority of their products are also vegan. My only experience of shower jellies is from Lush, and I found this product to be slightly different. The texture is a lot thicker, and it almost has air pockets throughout, it feels really nice to just squish it in the pot, even if that does sound a little childish. The scent is probably the strongest I’ve ever experienced from a body wash product, it’s a little overpowering to be honest. When you wash with the jelly it gives off a light foam, but the scent is just too overwhelming. After drying it leaves a very light sweet scent on the skin, a very muted version of it’s full smell. Overall, I wish the scent was a little toned down but I really enjoyed using it and would love to try some of their other products; the watermelon, pina colada and pretty lady shower jellies, the dark magic bath soak, their bath bombs and they also have pretty little soaps which look like gemstones.


I had some other shower products in the Lush Home for Christmas gift set that was bought for me as a present. I neglected to keep the label so I can’t actually remember the name of this soap but it’s lavender based. I really like floral scents, and lavender is no exception. I like how big this chunk of soap is, and it’s lasted a really long time. I like the scent of it, it’s really fresh, clean and relaxing but I feel like I can smell that classic soap smell underneath the lavender and I really don’t like that. The foam it gives off is soft and creamy so the experience feels luxurious. I did like using this soap but I think I’d maybe choose a different scent if I was buying for myself.


In the Home for Christmas gift set I also received this little bottle of rose jam shower gel, I like the texture of this because I’ll often pick up a shower gel that is too watery, this gel is thick and a nice quality. I also absolutely, hands down, have found my favourite lush scent. I adore rose and this shower gel has a powerful but sweet and delicate rose scent with back notes of lemon so it literally smells like Turkish delight. I am in love with it and have been savouring every gorgeous drop of it. I am just upset that they only have this scent at the moment in the form of a bubbleroon, and as I said at the beginning of the review I don’t have too much time for baths at the moment.


What’s your favourite product to use in the shower? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you’re having a fantastic week,


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