Vegan Sweet Treats Review

Hi everyone,

It’s the second week of my new job and I’m still finding my feet, the people at work seem really nice and I’m hoping that I can stay in this position for a while. I feel like I’ve had so many short jobs and I never really make a base and get to know people. In myself right now I am feeling tired, I think it’s a lack of quality sleep as I have so many issues at night time. That’s something I am working on because I find myself almost nodding off all the time and it’s not a good look. I am excited that the weather is getting warmer, summer is almost here which means my birthday is just around the corner as well as my vegan anniversary. Good things are on the horizon. Now onto today’s review.

As much as a love a savoury snack I do like to treat myself to something sweet now and again so today I’m reviewing some sweet treats that I’ve tried recently.

I have gone from hating Nakd bars to absolutely loving most of them and I have reviewed some of their nibbles before. This time I tried the strawberries and cream flavour, they had the same texture, little bites that are a bit softer than a Nakd bar. The flavour of this product didn’t really jump out at me, I just got a lot of sweetness with a strawberry aftertaste. They were okay but I wouldn’t say they are my favourite flavour.

I also bought the fruit salad flavour, I know I keep saying that I have no idea how they make the Nakd products taste the way they do but wow, these taste so much like fruit salad sweets! I absolutely loved them but the flavour is quite strong so I’d have these as more of a treat than a daily occurrence. I’ve now tried all the Nakd products that I wanted to try and I have definitely found some staples like the rhubarb and custard bar which is divine. The 40g bags were 75p in Tesco.

Ingredients for both the Nakd nibbles: Dates (54%), Cashews (24%), Raisins (19%), Rice Flour and a hint of natural flavouring.

Another brand that I’ve tried before is Rebel Mylk, I really like their coffee and chocolate milks but I had never tried their kid’s range. What I like about this brand is their products are so simple, natural and delicious. The first flavour I tried was the banana, it was creamy and absolutely amazing, the banana and cacao taste was very strong and I instantly fell in love. I wish they made this in a larger size, it’s really addictive and it’s hard to believe that these mylks are mostly water because they are just that creamy.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Organic Coconut Milk (11%), Organic Crushed Banana (8%), Organic Date Nectar, Organic Cacao (0.5%).

I thought that the orange flavour would be my favourite but I just didn’t like it as much, it had the same lovely creamy texture but I felt that the orange was too much, it was very strong and gave the milk a really fruity flavour that I felt didn’t sit right with me. I was a little disappointed and I probably wouldn’t buy this flavour again.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Organic Coconut Milk (11%), Organic Date Nectar, Organic Cacao (1.5%), Organic Orange Oil.

I bought these in my local vegan store as single packs but you can find the multi-packs (3x 250ml) in Waitrose or Ocado for £3.

I don’t often shop in ASDA but when I made a rare visit I came across these free from caramel squares and I just had to pick up a pack. These little squares look like millionaire shortbread but the base is made of rice instead of biscuit. They have a similar smell and the rice gives a crisper texture than the usual biscuit which is a nice change. The caramel is smooth and sweet, and the chocolate isn’t too noticeable in the mix but I didn’t really mind that. I really enjoyed eating these and would probably buy them again. They are free from gluten, wheat, milk and egg. A pack of 5 squares is £2.

Ingredients: Margarine [Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Water, Salt, Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Colours (Annatto, Curcumin), Flavouring] , Chocolate (19%) [Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Vanilla] , Sugar , Golden Syrup , Crisped Rice (13%) [Rice Flour, Rice Bran, Sugar, Rice Bran Extract] , Soya Flour , Palm Oil , Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin).

Another little treat I picked up was this Soyatoo! soy based whipped cream. I picked this up around Christmas but I have since bought a few vegan squirty creams, including different brands. I have missed having whipped cream piled high on top of hot chocolate and this was just the thing to satisfy those cravings. It comes out really well and looks great, a bit silkier than dairy whipped cream. The flavour is great with a lovely sweetness to it and the creamy texture is just perfect. I paid £1.99 for this 250ml bottle at a vegan festival and it lasted for about six cups of hot chocolate, bearing in mind that I went a bit nuts with it.

Ingredients: Soy milk (water, soybeans) (74%), coconut fat (5%), palm fat (5%), sugar beet syrup, maltodextrin from maize, acidifier: tartaric acid, thickener: seaweed extract, sea salt, natural vanilla flavour.

The last sweet treat I picked up was also from the Christmas vegan market, the caramel flavour marshmallows from Ananda’s. I really like Ananda’s vegan wagon wheels so I picked up a pack of these despite the hefty price of £4.20 for a box. I found the marshmallows to be soft but harder than a non-vegan marshmallow, the flavour was okay but I found it sickly sweet and I couldn’t eat more than one piece at a time. I also cut a couple up to put in hot chocolate and they worked okay in this regard but I much prefer the Freedom marshmallows for taste, texture, in hot chocolate and for the price as well. I couldn’t find the ingredients for this product online.

Hope you’re having a fantastic week, especially as the sun has decided to come back out 🙂


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