Vegan Chocolate Review Part Two

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It’s the weekend! I’m spending all of it relaxing at home and catching up on everything I need to do. Today I thought I would review some vegan chocolate that I’ve been eating recently.

The first product is Ananda’s Easter round up, if you haven’t tried a round up before then you are seriously missing out. I never really liked wagon wheels but these biscuits are just lovely. The Easter version is the same chocolate biscuit and marshmallow as the other round ups but there is fondant and honeycomb inside the biscuit as well, giving it a different taste and texture. I love the thickness of the biscuit, you’re definitely getting a lot of bang for your buck, and the chocolate and marshmallow are nice. I also liked the addition of honeycomb, however, I didn’t really like the fondant that much and I think I would have preferred a bit less fondant and a lot more honeycomb. Still, it’s a lovely treat and I would buy another one. I paid £3 in my local vegan shop.

Ingredients: (Biscuit) Organic wheat flour, sugar, non hydrogenated vegetable fat, soya milk, organic cocoa, cornflour, tapioca starch, sea salt, Madagascan vanilla extract, bicarb. of soda. (Marshmallow) British sugar, water, glucose-fructose syrup, modified starch, rice starch, vegetable glycerine, agar, plant derived emulsifiers, Madagascan vanilla, locust bean gum, sea salt. (Chocolate) Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring. (Fondant) Confectionery sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, vegetable margarine, vanilla extract, salt, food colouring (turmeric). (Honeycomb) Sugar, glucose, vegetable oil, sodium bicarbonate.

Another product from a brand which I have tried before is the salted vanoffee hazelnut bar from The Raw Chocolate Co. As much as I am not fussed on their darker chocolates, the white bars they make are pretty nice. This one has a sort of salty caramel taste with hazelnuts throughout. The little squares of chocolate had a lovely smooth texture as they melted and I am always impressed with the natural raw ingredients the company uses. However, the bar had an aftertaste that I just didn’t like, too much like whole foods for me to enjoy it as a treat and enough to make me not want to buy it again. I paid £2.09 for the small 44g bar in my local vegan shop.


Ingredients: Virgin cacao butter, raw lucuma (25%), hazelnuts (22%), coconut sugar, vanilla (1%), sea salt (<1%).

I also recently tried the raspberry and coconut centres bar from Ombar. I’ve also tried Ombar’s chocolate before but the high cacao content and very strong coconut taste just don’t agree with me. Despite that, I was curious about the creamy centre of this bar and decided to give it a go anyway, and I was glad I did. The chocolate was the same as I remembered, however, the chocolate on the centres bar is very thin and the creamy centre kind of counteracts the almost bitter chocolate taste. The centre is sweet tangy and fruity, absolutely delicious. I would definitely pick another one of these bars up. I paid £2 for the 35g bar in my local vegan shop.


Ingredients: Coconut cream, coconut sugar, raw cacao, coconut oil, cocoa butter, raspberry powder, ground vanilla powder.

Another product from Ombar that I picked up was their strawberry mylk bar. The smell this bar gives off is divine, yummy deep fruity chocolate. I just couldn’t wait to take a bite. The bar has a high cocoa percentage so it’s definitely one of those bars that I keep safe and snap a little bit off when I fancy something decadent. The bar is fairly soft to bite into and you get an instant deep coconut chocolate taste and it has a really creamy texture. You get a bit of sharpness from the coconut but this is countered by a sweet fruitiness from the strawberries. This is definitely more of a treat for me than a regular purchase but I did really like it. The 35g bar was £1.99 in my local vegan shop.


Ingredients: Coconut sugar, raw cacao, cocoa butter, creamed coconut (14%), strawberry powder (7%), ground vanilla pods, Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Recently I’ve been concentrating on trying to improve my health and get a bit of muscle back on my bones. I regularly drink protein shakes but it’s always nice to mix it up once in a while with a protein bar. When I spotted this bar from Clif online I had to buy it because it’s my favourite combination, chocolate and peanut butter. The bar contains 20g of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates to give you energy so it’s not just a simple bar, there’s a lot of benefits gained from eating it.


The bar is coated in chocolate and inside is a chewy peanut bar, it’s a lovely combination and felt more like a treat than something which was going to benefit me. I actually really enjoyed eating the bar, even though it was quite filling. I wouldn’t have one every time I worked out but it’s a product I would consider using occasionally after exercise. I paid £2.39 for the 69g bar from The Vegan Kind’s online supermarket.

Ingredients: Soy protein isolate, beet juice concentrate, organic brown rice syrup, organic dried cane syrup, palm kernel oil, organic peanut butter, organic peanuts, natural flavours, organic rolled oats, vegetable glycerine, organic soy flour, inulin (chicory extract), soy lecithin, peanut flour, rice starch, organic vanilla, salt, organic oat fibre, organic sunflower oil, organic palm kernel oil, organic peanut flour.

Not too long ago I picked up three bars from a brand I had seen but never bought from before, iChoc. I bought all these 80g bars for £2.05 each from The Vegan Kind’s online supermarket.

The first bar I tried was the super nut. It reminded me of a thinner and less sugary version of a Vego bar. The bar is made with creamy hazelnut chocolate and has pieces of nut throughout, providing an interesting second texture. I found the bar was sweet but not overly so. I really liked this one and would buy it again.


Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, hazelnuts (20%), rice drink powder (11%), cocoa mass, tiger nuts (ground), hazelnut paste, bourbon vanilla extract, sea salt.

The second bar I tried was the choco cookie, this is another milk chocolate bar but this one has Oreo style cookie bits throughout. I found the chocolate to be darker and harder than the first bar, I missed the hazelnut chocolate from before and didn’t like how rich this bar was. I also wasn’t that fussed on having cookies inside the chocolate. I sounded like a good idea in theory but in practice, it hurt my teeth and took away from the chocolate whilst also making it darker. I just don’t think this bar is for me.


Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice milk powder (13%), cocoa biscuit (12%) (wheat flour, raw cane sugar, palm oil (rspo-cert), cocoa powder, sugar beet syrup, sea salt.), hazelnut mass, bourbon vanilla extract.

The final bar I tried was the white nougat crisp. This is a white chocolate bar and was softer than the other two. It was a taste and texture explosion, salty, sweet, nutty and crunchy. I absolutely loved the flavour and the bar was so creamy. I think I am actually in love with this chocolate bar and would definitely buy it again.


Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, hazelnut puree (23%), cocoa butter, rice milk powder (11.5%), hazelnut (8%) (raw cane sugar, hazelnuts, maize glucose syrup, caramel syrup), bourbon vanilla extract.

I also want to add a sort of honourable mention at the end of this post for a local company Naturally Kind Foods who make the most amazing cakes and chocolate cups. A lot of their bars are raw as well if you’re after that sort of thing. I’ve tried a variety of their sweet treats and they are certainly one of my favourite brands, if you’re ever around South Wales you should seek out the cafes that sell their products or attend one of the many markets where they have a stall. I’ll leave some photos below of some of their sweet treats that I’ve tried.

Well, that’s it for this chocolate review, want to take a look at other chocolate that I’ve reviewed, just click here.

What’s your favourite vegan chocolate? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Aren’t the round ups delish?? I had one around Christmas time and it was minty!! I’ve always seen the IChoc bars but never picked one up for some reason but I may have to give the nougat crisp one a try!

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