Eden Perfume Review

Hi everyone,

It’s Friday! I have the whole weekend off and I’m spending both days with friends, I have a feeling I’ll be tired after it all but I have a long holiday coming up that I am really excited about. Work is going okay and I’m getting used to everything, the public transport is worse than the job itself. I’m extremely anxious about talking to people on the phone so I’m really proud of myself for sticking with a job that is solely based on the phone. The nice weather is also coming back and it’s times like this where I really appreciate a nice perfume, so today’s review is of a perfume brand which I haven’t tried before.

When it comes to cruelty free perfume I usually use Pacifica but recently I decided to step into the realm of Eden Perfumes because they have more of a range. Eden make vegan perfumes which smell like non vegan brands, so if you’re looking to switch to cruelty free it’s just that much easier. They are certified vegan and do not test on animals. I will admit that I wasn’t looking for a cruelty free replacement for a beloved scent so I just searched for notes that I enjoy so I don’t know what either of these perfumes is supposed to mimic. Both the perfumes were £18 for 30ml bottles.

The first scent I bought was No.98 or insolent. It has an immediate delicate floral scent, with notes of sweet dusky rose and lemon. It’s light and fresh and would be great in spring or summer. The top notes stay for a while and you get a real mix of floral smells, I would say that after a while it’s the violet that is the most noticeable. I really love this scent and would buy another bottle.

The second bottle I bought was No.62 or vegan si-chypre fruity. This one has a deeper, warmer floral scent with sweet notes. It smells more adult than the first one if that makes sense. I found that the top notes disappear quicker than with the first one, leaving a warm, almost sugary floral berry scent that I love. I wouldn’t be able to pick which one of the two is my favourite and I would be open to trying other scents. I think they are good value for money, last a long time and other people have noticed the scents and complimented me on them. I would definitely recommend Eden Perfumes if you are in the market for a new perfume.

Have you tried Eden Perfumes before? If so what is your favourite scent?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!



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