Swansea Vegan Festival 2017

Hi everyone,

I meant to post a bit more last week but I got caught up in my free time and catching up on sleep, I did so much in my week off and I actually got up earlier than I would for work on most of the days. I loved my birthday meal and will try and post about it towards the end of the week. It was back to work for me yesterday, just as the sun came out and I’ve been offered to up my contracted hours to full time, I need the money but I’ll be sad to give up an extra two hours a day. At least I’ll get a lunch break now!While I realise that Swansea Vegan Festival was over a week ago now I still thought I’d post a little bit about what I bought there for you all to see, especially those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram.

The first brand I’ll talk about it Solkiki, I know some people are put off by the price (£5 a bar), but they are passionate, have great ethics and their chocolate is god damn good. This time I bought the hazelnut cream white chocolate and the bocos del toro mylk chocolate. I did prefer the white chocolate, it was amazingly creamy, sweet and nutty. The mylk chocolate was also nice, you could taste that it was made with good quality products, it was slightly less creamy but had an interesting taste that I really enjoyed.



Another brand I bought from was Cowley’s Fine Foods who make all sorts of lovely products but I always pick up a couple of packets of their jerky. This year I bought two varieties of BBQ flavour, sweet potato and tofu. The sweet potato had a softer, chewier texture and the tofu was tougher and thicker but I loved both, and the BBQ flavouring was perfect.



I always say I am not really a cake person, but I wander into this festival every year and forget that, most of my money goes on cake and this year I bought fifteen sweet treats to take home. I ate cakes and cookies for an entire week. I was also in a rush to get around so apologies if I forget some of the flavourings or elements of the products.

The first company I went to was Vic’s Vegan Bakes because they had these massive cakes with chocolate dripping down the sides. I bought a slice of the strawberry and a slice of the cookie varieties, then a lemon curd cupcake with a macaroon on top, and three more cupcakes which got a bit squished on my way home. All the cakes were absolutely amazing but I really loved the slices from the tall cakes. Also, their cakes are stunning, just check out their Instagram to see what I mean.





I bought four cookies from The Little Vegan Cookie Co; pistachio and chocolate, hazelnut and chocolate, rocky road, and salted caramel and pecan. They were all lovely, I had to eat half a cookie at a time because they were so big. The cookies were soft which is great because I hate thick, hard biscuits.





I also picked up some bits from Naturally Kind Food, a local company that I love, and I finally managed to get my mitts on their rose and pistachio cake which was well worth the wait! As well as the cake I got two slices of cheesecake, banoffee and chocolate peanut butter. Yum.



The final company I purchased from was Vegangela Rose, they make the most delicious vegan pasties I have ever eaten so I picked up one cheese and onion and one sweet potato. I also got two packs of their sausage rolls, the almond feta and walnut, and the spicy carrot and cashew. I liked the first variety and I’ve had them before, but the carrot ones were a little spicy for me. Finally, I bought a unicorn cake because my birthday was coming up, it was so beautiful even after I squished it on the way home.






So that’s pretty much everything I bought, I had a great time despite the walk in the rain, the heavy bags and having to leave because I was in pain. I also won the Twitter competition so I had free entry and that was nice. I can’t wait for the Christmas festival now.

Hope you’re having a fantastic week


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