Loving Earth Chocolate Review

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long ass week, my first full-time week in my new job as my hours have gone up. I am so tired, I also don’t have as much time at home to do everything I have to but I’m sure when I see my next payslip I’ll feel better. Today’s review is on a brand of vegan chocolate, Loving Earth.

After trying Loving Earth’s salted caramel chocolate and falling in sweet, creamy chocolate love I made a trip to pick up a handful of their other products to try.

The first product I tried was their banoffee bang bang, this is their caramel chocolate with banana, vanilla and activated buckwheat. Sounds amazing so I couldn’t wait to tuck in. It has a sweet, deep coconut scent and the chocolate is pretty soft. When you bite into it there’s a little flavour explosion of sweet coconut and cinnamon. It’s just a shame that I don’t like cinnamon because it’s quite a strong taste. The buckwheat gives it an interesting extra texture but I didn’t really like that either, and I couldn’t taste the caramel, banana or vanilla so I wouldn’t rate the bar highly. I paid £2.39 for the 45g bar.


Ingredients: Virgin cacao butter, evaporated coconut nectar, raw cashews, coconut, raw activated buckwheat, banana powder, vanilla powder, cinnamon.

The second one I tried was the caramel chocolate, it’s exactly the same as the salted caramel chocolate, soft, smooth, sweet and creamy. I loved it, but not as much as the salted version, I just thought that one was a little more special. I paid £1.75 for the 30g bar.


Ingredients: Virgin cacao butter, evaporated coconut nectar, raw cashews (19%), coconut (19%).

The next bar I tried was the mint dark chocolate, I am not a big fan of dark chocolate but I do like mint dark chocolate so I thought it was worth a go. As soon as you open it the smell of very strong peppermint hits you. The dark version of their chocolate is hard which isn’t as nice as the soft white chocolate. I liked the mint taste but found the chocolate quite bitter and not as creamy as I would have liked. I paid £1.75 for the 30g bar.


Ingredients: Raw cacao beans, evaporated coconut nectar, peppermint essential oil (<1%).

I also bought their mylk chocolate, I didn’t find this as dark as the mint one but I felt it had that soapy coconut taste. It was a little softer than the dark chocolate but I didn’t really like it. I paid £1.75 for the 30g bar.


Ingredients: Cacao (raw cacao beans, virgin cacao butter), evaporated coconut nectar, coconut (18%).

The last bar I tried was the Turkishly delightful bar. This one another mixture I was excited about because I love Turkish delight. It smells rich and fruity, the chocolate is not too bitter or dark but it does have a small soapy taste. The cranberries in the bar were not so bad but not something I was particularly fond of. I also wished there had been more of a rose taste. This was another bar which had cinnamon, and while it wasn’t as strong as in the banoffee bar I could still taste it and it put me off. I paid £2.99 for the 45g bar.


Ingredients: Cacao (52%) (virgin cacao butter, cacao powder), cranberries (apple juice sweetened, sunflower oil), raw agave nectar, carob powder, coconut oil, cinnamon, rose essential oil.

So it seems like I only like the white chocolate that Loving Earth make, which is a shame as they have such good ethics and their products are simple and of a good quality.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Loving Earth Chocolate Review

  1. I’ve tried a good handful of this brand and it’s sooo good! I personally had really mixed opinions about the banoffee one because i don’t really enjoy artificial banana flavours but it tasted different if that makes sense! I don’t think I’d purchase it again either but it was alright x

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