Vegan Doner Kebab and Antipasti Review

Hey everyone,

It’s the end of another long week and I’m not going to lie, I am absolutely shattered. I am definitely in need of a few naps this weekend, that’s for sure. Today’s review is of a meal I made from two vegan products that would be perfect for a quick, easy and tasty meal when you’re tired like I am now.

Not too long ago I made a great meal that I’d never had before, I used two prepared products to make it and I thought I would review them both.

The first is the doner vegan kebab from Wheaty. The ‘meat’ comes pre prepared in a packet so all you have to do is cook it, simple, quick and easy. The packet actually contains a decent sized portion, and the pieces have a nice meaty texture. The pieces taste tangy, salty and meaty and I found that the bits which had burnt slightly were extra tasty. While I had this plain on the plate I reckon this stuff would be amazing in a pitta with vegetables and vegan tzatziki. The 200g pack was £3.99 at my local vegan store.


Ingredients: Seitan (Water, Wheat Protein) 84%, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Rock Salt, Onion, Yeast Extract, Spices (contains Mustard) Thickening Agent: Locust Bean Gum.

I paired the vegan kebab with Korfu  Feto antipasti from Taifun. I’ve had Feto before and really enjoyed it so I was pretty excited when I saw this prepared version with olives, sun dried tomatoes and herbs. It’s a convenient snack or side that I would appreciate if someone presented me with it. The tofu was fairly firm, sharp, salty and oily. The olives, herbs and sun dried tomatoes gave additional dimensions to the product and overall I really liked it, it also made a great pairing with the meaty doner kebab. The little pot was £3.99 at my local vegan store.


Ingredients: Tofu 62% (soya beans 55%, water, coagulating agents: magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate), sunflower oil, olives 9.3%, olive oil extra virgin, tomatoes, sea salt, herbs 0.9% (rosemary, basil, savory, marjoram, oregano, thyme, anise, lavender flowers), lemon juice concentrate, vegan yogurt culture: Str. thermophilus.

Together the two products looked like this on the plate.


Have you tried either of these products before? Let me know if you liked them in the comments below.


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