What’s Happening Wednesday: 16/10/2019

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my first What’s Happening Wednesday post! I haven’t actually been doing much in the last week, so this one will be mostly baby focused.

I’ve been reading The Best of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion this week, and have just finished it today. I loved The Rosie Project so I decided to give this one a go, it was just a fun little romance novel to pass the time but I don’t think it was as good as The Rosie Project. I haven’t decided which book from my pile to read is next, but I will let you know next Wednesday. I’m also getting around to picking my next short course to do, probably something on FutureLearn.

I haven’t been out much in the last week because the weather has taken a turn for the worse, I went to town with my family and had coffee, and I am getting better at breastfeeding with no cover on so that’s a positive. We also took Violet for her weekly swimming session, which she still hates with a passion.

Okay, so Violet takes up a lot of my time, what have I been doing with her? We have been enhancing our tummy time sessions with some side lying and rolling (me rolling her as she can’t do it herself yet). I’ve also been trying to strengthen her core by pulling her up to a seated position from lying down, and by playing row the boat, swinging back and forwards together. We have been reading a lot, not my novel this week as it isn’t appropriate, but some Roald Dahl board books, she loves the illustrations by Quentin Blake. I actually ordered Dahl’s whole collection of children’s books this week as well, because she loved them so much.

We have also been focusing on her fine motor skills, especially her reaching, grasping and passing between hands. She really enjoys her baby gym, which is from IKEA. She loves it when I hang a (new and clean) shoelace on the gym and she grabs it down and passes it between her hands. She has also really been enjoying the skwish and her tag ball toy. Finally, we have been doing more sensory activities, I can’t wait for her to start sitting up and grabbing larger objects because I have exciting plans for our sensory time. For now she is enjoying hearing her bell rattle, feeling sponges, having silky scarves dragged over her and crinkling bubblewrap. We also bought her a reversible sequin cushion cover which she is obsessed with, especially if you shine a torch on it.

Here’s some photos of what we’ve been doing.

That’s it for this What’s Happening Wednesday, come back next week for some more.

Over and out.

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