Try Day Friday: Miami Burger Louisiana Chick’n Burger

Hey everyone,

Today I am reviewing the Louisiana chick’n burger from Miami Burger. As I said last week, according to their website Miami Burger focus on making plant-based products that are good for you, with simple ingredients and plastic free packaging. They have a comparison table on their website of all sorts of burgers, showing that their patties are lower in saturated fat and calories.


I purchased the two 110g burgers in Morrisons for £3.50. They came in a cardboard box with no additional packaging, and were thick breaded burgers with what looked like sawdust dusted over the outside. The outside coating smelt weirdly like spices to me, like cinnamon or something. A closer inspection of the ingredients told me that it was nutmeg. My experience of the taste was not pleasant, it tasted like spices, stung my throat a little, and was a bit salty for my liking. The texture was even worse, squidgy, soft and a little stringy. Spongy, I found it quite spongy, not a texture I would recommend for a burger patty.

Good points


Bad points

Price, taste, texture.

I definitely wouldn’t buy them again. Next week I will review Miami Burger’s classic burger.

I would give the product 1 out of 5 stars.

Over and out.



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