What’s Happening Wednesday: 23/10/2019

Hey everyone,

Welcome to another What’s Happening Wednesday. It’s been another quiet week for me.

We went out for a meal and a bit of shopping with my sister in law and nephew, we went to the Harvester and I had the beyond bean burger- just as disappointing as the first time I had it. I also went out for a trip around town today with my mother and picked up some instruments and wooden toys in the charity shops for Violet.

I’ve started reading Admissions by Henry Marsh and I am finding it endlessly interesting, especially the tales of surgical cases, it’s thoroughly enthralling. I’ve also been reading the Roald Dahl treasury to Violet and she has been loving the illustrations. I’ve been watching a few American TV series continuations but so far they are all disappointing me, I’ve been loving watching Strictly Come Dancing.

I still haven’t started a course as I have spent my free time sorting out items I want to sell, reading, cleaning and packing away clothes that don’t fit Violet any more- and there are lots, she has just turned four months and is currently mostly in 6-9 months clothes, but 9-12 months on the bottom and sometimes even 12-18 months but that’s because she has a big cloth nappy.

Violet still hates swimming, last week she had been a bit better, but this week was the worst session since she started. We’ve been enjoying playing with the Oball and her new wooden ball toy. We are still working on her physical exercises for rolling and sitting up. She has been enjoying a little massage when the heating has been on, and has been having different materials touched on her skin for sensory time. Also we’ve been playing with the bell rattle and smelling different essential oils, although lavender is still her favourite.

That’s all for this week, catch me next Wednesday for another edition.

Over and out.


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