Money Making Mondays: Branded Surveys

Hey everyone,

This Money Making Monday I will be talking to you about Branded Surveys.

Branded Surveys used to be called Mintvine, but changed its name at the end of 2017. It’s a very user friendly site and has become even more simplified through the latest update to their website. You have a homepage with your points overview at the very top, then the surveys you can complete under that. The website now only presents you with three surveys at a time.

Under the surveys are bonus partner surveys, referral links and a daily poll, for which you gain 5 points. On the side bar you can find information regarding their elite levels, your level increases with the amount of surveys you complete daily and you earn bonus points. If you go some time without completing anything your level drops and you lose those bonuses. I would call this a con because there are times when I simply can’t do surveys and I hate dropping my level. I was a gold member for some time but stopped taking part for a couple of months and have dropped to a bronze member. Another con I would say is that I get declined a lot on these surveys so I don’t get as many rewards as I would like, however they usually decline at the beginning before I’ve put in a lot of data so I suppose that’s good in comparison to other sites.

There is also a leader board on the sidebar but I don’t pay attention to this, however if you do give it a look you can see what’s possible to earn on the site. For example, 1000 points is $10 and someone on there as I am typing this has earned over 6000 points today alone. I have been a member since July 2017 and in that time (bearing in mind I have taken many breaks from completing surveys) I have made $106.71.

I do have a referral link for Branded Surveys if you are interested, and like I said in my introduction to Money Making Mondays, I will be honest in that if you use it I will get 50 points as a one off when you become a silver tier member, however the link will not benefit you in any way. That said, if you are still interested here’s┬áthe link.

See you next week for another edition of Money Making Mondays.

Over and out.


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