What’s Happening Wednesday: 30/10/19

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another What’s Happening Wednesday, this week has been a little more eventful for us than previous weeks.

In terms of leaving the house, I want to less and less now because the temperature dropped this week and I absolutely hate being cold. However, we did go and visit my grandparents as it was my Nana’s birthday. We also went out for a meal with them on another day, James and I both had this butternut squash and sage rigatoni and it was delicious but the portion was so small!


Another thing we did, that we do every week, was a food shop and I picked up this raspberry torte from ASDA which I am excited to try as well as more of the vegan Applewood (yum!).


I am still reading Admissions, I am now about half way through it and really enjoying the tales of surgery. I am looking forward to Strictly Come Dancing this weekend and the next episode of Seven Worlds One Planet. Also His Dark Materials starts on Sunday and I am really excited about that, it looks like it’s going to be amazing.

Swimming classes weren’t on this week so we didn’t have any meltdowns to deal with, hahaha. Violet has been enjoying playing with her dinosaur hand puppet, and is beginning to try out some musical toys and puzzles. She really likes the maracas, but is not quite sure about the tambourine yet. She was also given a table of instruments by my aunt and has been playing with that and practising her sitting at the same time. She is getting stronger every day and is quite close to sitting unaided now.

Violet is still loving her wooden baby gym and now finds the red grasping ring the most entertaining toy on it, she stretches right up to grab it. She has also started to play with toys in the bath and finds the squirty ones quite funny. We are also still doing lovely stretching massages with her, with the heat on now because it’s absolutely freezing at home. Other updates are that she now wears a hat without crying (thank god!) and we’ve put the carrycot of her pram down into a buggy and she loves it!

In my free time I am trying to do as many surveys and side gigs as possible as we are coming up to the portion of my maternity leave where I will get paid the least, and I’m trying to sort the┬ábacklog of blog posts. I’m also hoping to get back into working out this week, starting with a bit of free weights and squats for maybe 10 minutes a day, just to get back into the swing of things. I’m already smaller than I was pre-baby but I’d like to start building my muscle back up. Last thing is that I am nearly done with Christmas shopping, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

See you next week!

Over and out.


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