Friday Try Day: Bells & Whistles Cake Slice

Hey everyone, Today I will be reviewing a nut truffle flavour cake slice made by Bells & Whistles. The slice has a coconut and almond base, with a chocolate ganache and nuts. Bells & Whistles say that their cake slices do not contain guilt, regret or disappointment, and that they aimed to create an indulgentContinue reading “Friday Try Day: Bells & Whistles Cake Slice”

Money Making Mondays: OnePoll

Hey everyone, Welcome back to another Money Making Monday, this time I’ll be talking about OnePoll. OnePoll is another survey site that I frequent with the aim of gaining some extra cash. It’s a very user friendly site with links to referrals, earnings and your profile, and then the surveys available to you pop upContinue reading “Money Making Mondays: OnePoll”

Try Day Friday: Like Meat Smoked Sausage

Hey everyone, Today I am reviewing the like smoked sausage from Like Meat, and I am sorry it’s a day late, I totally spaced yesterday. As I said last week, Like Meat states that they create plant based versions of meat products that have the same flavour and satisfaction as eating the real thing. TheirContinue reading “Try Day Friday: Like Meat Smoked Sausage”