Try Day Friday: Like Meat Curry Chicken

Hey everyone,

Today I am reviewing the curry chicken from Like Meat. Like Meat says that they create plant based versions of meat products that have the same flavour and satisfaction as eating the real thing. Their focus is making products that are healthier for the body and the planet. They source their GMO free soybeans in a way that avoids rainforest deforestation. I bought the pack from Tesco for £3.30.


The chicken comes in a plastic tray with film and a paper sleeve. The paper part of the packaging is FSC certified and the plastic tray is made from recycled materials. The chicken inside looks like decent sized pieces, coated in a curry flavouring. The pieces smell like generic mild curry sauce, the taste is that of warming spices. A gentle heat with a hint of sourness which I am not sure whether is comes from the pieces themselves or the flavouring. They taste very savoury, and rich without being heavy. They have a nice chew to them, and flake off quite nicely. I think they would make a lovely addition to a picnic.

Good points

Easy to prepare, great taste and texture.

Bad points

I’m not sure they are really worth the price.

I probably would buy the product again, but it wouldn’t be a staple purchase for me. I would also like to try Like Meat’s BBQ chicken. I also tried their smoked sausage, you can read that review next week.

I would rate the like curry chicken a 3 out of 5 stars.

Over and out.


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