Money Making Mondays: One Pulse

Hey everyone,

Welcome to another edition of Money Making Mondays, today I am going to talk to you about One Pulse.

One Pulse is an app available on Android and iOS. It’s basically an app through which you can complete micro surveys and get paid in return. It’s a simple app, you have a tab for pulses (surveys), a notifications tab, a tab for channels and a tab for your profile information. I only ever use the first and last tabs. The pulses tab will fill with non-paid surveys which you can complete in order to gain XP, the more XP you have the greater the reward for completing paid surveys when they pop up. When you sign up you start on 25 cents per pulse, you can go up to level 17 which pays 41 cents per pulse. I am currently on level 12 and earn 36 cents per pulse. However, I haven’t completed a non-paid survey for maybe six months, so could be a higher level if I chose to do that.

What I like about the app is the surveys are so short. Most are literally three multiple choice questions and that’s it, money in the bank. There are longer pulses from time to time, such as when they want you to watch an advert or trailer and give feedback but even these are short in relation to surveys on other sites and apps. I also think that the rewards are great for such short tasks, some other sites I use have much longer surveys for less rewards. However, the paid tasks fill up very quickly and sometimes the push notifications don’t come through quickly enough so I do miss out on quite a few opportunities to make money. That is probably the only con in my opinion. I don’t think a $5 threshold for payout is particularly high considering the thresholds of some other sites, and when you do cash out the money instantly goes into your PayPal account, no messing around and waiting weeks.

I have been a member since December 2017 and in that time have earned £80 for minimal work. I also took a look at the leader board to see what you could potentially earn and the most someone has made in total from the app is $493.28, in the last 30 days as I am typing this someone has earned $33.54 so it’s definitely possible to make a lot more than I have.

Come back next week for another edition of Money Making Mondays.

Over and out.


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