What’s Happening Wednesday: 06/11/19

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another What’s Happening Wednesday.

Since last Wednesday we have been out a couple of times, we went to Starbucks and managed to try the phantom frappuccino, but as it was after Halloween they didn’t have any black whipped cream to top it. I also had a mac and cheese and a raspberry chocolate cake, both were delicious.


Violet dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween. We also went out to visit some family and Violet saw fireworks for the first time. We had a visit from some of my friends and resumed the swimming lessons, this week was probably the best she has dealt with it, and she was dunked under a lot so that’s progress. Today we went out for our first ever trip in the buggy, just the two of us.

I’m still reading Admissions and still watching Strictly Come Dancing. I saw His Dark Materials on Sunday and thought it was awesome, I am excited to watch the rest, and to read the next book. I am about to start watching the next series of Atypical on Netflix, and can’t wait for the next season of The Crown to come out.

This week I have been trying to catch up on cleaning, and my mother bought a large bundle of 12-18 month clothes so I’ve been washing, drying and packing those. Exciting! She will be in them before long. I am still trying to write blog posts and do surveys, and I haven’t gotten around to exercising yet but I’ve had a bit of a down week, head wise, so I won’t be too hard on myself. Until I get everything back on track I won’t be doing any online courses.

I bought a really cute bamboo weaning plate in the shape of a fox head, and I am really excited to try it when she turns six months in December. Look how quickly that has gone! This week we tried her in a pramsuit for the first time, she wasn’t fussed but she was so cute. I got the pattern cards out for the first time in months as I was going through her stuff, and she still finds them really interesting. She is really enjoying grasping and mouthing everything at the moment, even soft toys. She has been enjoying story books more and more, and last night she laughed and laughed as I read to her, the story wasn’t even funny. We’ve been working on rolling and sitting again, she has been trying really hard to roll both ways but hasn’t got the hang of it yet. Sitting is going better but still not unaided yet. Violet loves to sit in the bumbo and have a look around, and because it has a tray we can use it to do puzzles and play with instruments.


You can see Violet’s reaction to the fireworks, her Halloween costume, the weaning plate, the pramsuit and loads of other stuff over on my Instagram.

My plans for the next week so far are just seeing family on weekend I’m not sure what we are doing yet but I will update you next Wednesday, see you then!

Over and out.


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