Money Making Mondays: OnePoll

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Money Making Monday, this time I’ll be talking about OnePoll.

OnePoll is another survey site that I frequent with the aim of gaining some extra cash. It’s a very user friendly site with links to referrals, earnings and your profile, and then the surveys available to you pop up on your homepage. There’s also a bar on there to easily track your earnings. As far as I can tell, new users have a £30 payment threshold. The threshold used to be £40, and once you have had your first payout it goes down to £25. That’s probably one of the higher thresholds of all the sites I use so it’s one you really have to stick at in order to get a payout.

The surveys on the site pop up frequently but also I find they fill up quite fast so I tend to make a bit more if I check it throughout the day rather than maybe using the site once a day. I have also downloaded the app, which is available on both Android and iOS, so I can check it on the move. What I like about the site is how quick the surveys are and that you can see a progress bar so you know where you are with it. The surveys usually pay around 10-30p each which is reasonable considering the length of time taken to complete them.

I have been a member since July 2017, but haven’t been constantly taking surveys during that time, and so far I have made £58.20.

There’s also a referral system on this site where you can refer up to 15 friends. The individuals you refer don’t get anything extra for being signed up by you, but the refer will get 50p for each referral that joins, plus £1 when they reach £20 and £2.50 when they reach £40. If you would like to be referred to the site you can private message me on my social media and I can add you. Whether you choose to do that or sign yourself up you will get £2.50 when you join.

Over and out.


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