What’s Happening Wednesday: 13/11/19

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another What’s Happening Wednesday.

In the last week I haven’t really done too much, I went to my local shops and picked up a few bits and pieces for Violet from the charity shops including some stacking toys, and some little wooden kitchen utensils that I’m going to use for a treasure/discovery basket. I also took a trip to town with my family, I had a Moving Mountains hotdog at Loungers, picked up some tasty treats for myself, and had a Costa in a Christmas cup.

Reading wise I have nearly finished Admissions and haven’t yet chosen my next book. I’m still enjoying Strictly Come Dancing and His Dark Materials. I’ve just started the next season of Rick and Morty and I’m excited for War of the Worlds to start on Sunday. I managed my first exercise session today, just free weights for ten minutes, I’m going to try my best to keep up with it. My house is pretty clean at the moment because we just had an inspection, so that’s one less thing to think about. I think I’ve decided to get back into learning Italian.

Swimming is going a bit better, she still hates it but is better with some things and floated on her back this week with no help. We’ve also had her in the bouncer with a pillow underneath her feet, her toes touch the ground without the pillow but she isn’t trying to bounce yet, with or without the pillow. We are still playing with all the same toys, she is still really liking the gym, puppets, the oball and the skwish. I’m looking into getting a few more toys second hand on eBay. Violet is struggling with teething at the moment, I mean she’s actually been alright with it but is mashing her gums on her teething shark quite a bit. No sign of any pearly whites just yet. We’ve been gifted some more books by my Aunt that have arrived today and I can’t wait to start reading them to her. She is getting more and more interested in touching your face, especially exploring inside people’s mouths, and finds watching us eat extremely amusing. I can’t believe she is five months tomorrow!

That’s it for another Wednesday, see you next week.

Over and out.


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