Try Day Friday: Vegan Applewood

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Try Day Friday, this week is all about vegan Applewood.

Applewood is a smoked white cheddar cheese, and they have recently released a vegan version of it which is fast becoming a staple purchase for many. I bought the 200g pack in ASDA for £2.30, and the cheese comes encased in a plastic film.


The scent of the product is mild cheesy, and not that sweaty feet type smell which some vegan cheeses give off, and a lot of smokiness. It tastes tangy, salty, cheesy and, of course, smokey. It tastes absolutely fantastic and not at all different from the regular Applewood I remember. My husband also now loves this cheese as he says it’s no different from the dairy version. Texture wise, it’s just lovely to eat by itself and cold, it has a proper feel of cheese when you bite into it and chew, which some other alternatives don’t have. The best thing about it is how well it melts and how lovely the texture is when melted. It is fantastic with pasta, as cheese on toast, in sandwiches and toasties, and on crackers with chutney. I’d go as far as to say it’s probably the best vegan product I have ever tried, and definitely the best vegan cheese.

Good points

Everything- taste, texture, melt-ability, the price isn’t even that bad.

Bad points


I would definitely buy this product often.

I would give the vegan Applewood a 5 out of 5 stars.

Over and out.


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