Money Making Monday: Roamler

Hey everyone,

It’s another Money Making Monday! Today I will be talking about Roamler.

Roamler is an app available on Android and iOS which you can use to do paid tasks, more often than not these tasks take place outside at shops and other premises. The jobs do pay quite well, I’ve been mystery shopping tasks for upwards of £10. Another type of task they often run is checking displays of certain products in shops, I’ve even seen high paid tasks to put together shop displays for a certain product. The app occasionally runs other question based tasks which can be done from home to gain smaller sums, and you also gain experience when completing tasks which you use to level up. Once you hit level 3 you get given invites to refer friends to the app, you gain rewards from the referral once the referee hits level 2, if they choose not to do that you can’t get your invite back and you invites are hard to earn so think wisely! In order to join the app you need to be referred by someone else, I don’t currently have any referrals available but you can find one with a quick search on the internet.

Since I have been using the app I have been too anxious to do any of the outside tasks, well a combination of anxiety and lack of time so I can’t speak to how easy these tasks are, or how quickly they are approved. I have managed to get to level 3 though experience tasks and low paid tasks and since March 2018 have earned £8.53 and was able to cash that out quickly into my paypal. However, someone who wanted to accept any job going could earn quite a lot, depending on what is available on the app at the time. As I type this they are offering me to check some cheese in a supermarket for up to £12 and another product check for £6. So that’s £18 there right away. The only con I can think of is some tasks fill up quite quickly and there may be a job available but the only store left to do it in is miles away, but this wouldn’t be a problem if you had transport and were willing to travel a little bit. If I get any referral links in the future I will make another post offering it out.

See you next week for another Money Making Monday.

Over and out.


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