What’s Happening Wednesday: 20/11/2019

Hey everyone, welcome back to another What’s Happening Wednesday (on a Thursday because I have no sense of what day it is at the moment, apparently!)

This week has been a bit of a quiet one, partly due to our colds and partly due to the weather being freezing. I decided to not go out so much and to stay inside, planning for (hopefully) big things happening soon and trawling ebay for things that I fancy. A lot of the stuff I’ve bought are lovely wooden toys for when Violet is a bit older than she is now.

I finished Admissions and have started reading The Humans by Matt Haig, I am only a little way into it but the writing has already captured me so I’m looking forward to finishing it. I’m still watching all the same programmes as last week, but I didn’t enjoy War of the Worlds so I’m not sure I will watch it again this week. I haven’t got around to watching The Crown yet. I’ve really thrown myself into continuing with Italian on Duolingo and must have put several hours into the app this week. I’ve also managed to keep up with the cleaning and exercise but my money making has been suffering so I’ll have to look at my time management a bit more.

Violet just turned five months and her toes finally touch the floor when she is in her bouncer, but she doesn’t know how to bounce herself yet. My aunt gifted us some books, and I bought some more in a charity shop and we are slowly making our way through them all. I was very excited to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to her as I remember loving the story when I was little. She loves this one book about an octopus which has a fluffy hand puppet on it, she loves puppets in general and cuddles her dinosaur one to sleep, sucking on its nose. We’ve also got a new toy, a rainmaker, and she loves it- she even cuddles it. We are still doing our physical exercises but not rolling or sitting yet, she doesn’t like tummy time as much any more. We are still doing sensory activities and massage and she still really enjoys that. This coming week I will be putting her in her highchair daily to get her used to sitting in it for weaning, and we will also start using our baby signing kit so I’m looking forward to trying that.

That’s it for another week, see you next Wednesday.

Over and out.


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