Try Day Friday: Kirsty’s Luxury Apple Pie

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Try Day Friday. Today I will be reviewing Kirsty’s luxury apple pie.

I purchased the dessert in ASDA for £2.50 for two slices of pie (322g). These slices come in a card and plastic package. Kirsty’s is brand created by a mum of a child with allergies, who then went on to secure funding from Dragon’s Den.


They smell sweet and tangy, and I can smell the cinnamon quite strongly. The taste was much the same, sweet but also very tangy apple and the cinnamon was a bit much for me personally. The apple part was quite soft, but there was also a bite to it. There was not much pastry, only a thin layer on the bottom and up the back, more like a baked cheesecake. I don’t know how you could call it a pie, I would have preferred pastry on top, and thicker pastry. The pastry itself melted in the mouth, which was okay but not what I search for in a nice pastry. There were almond slices on top which crisped up when cooking and added an extra dimension of texture.

Good points

I think it was an interesting idea, and it didn’t taste too bad. A good option for gluten intolerant people. They aren’t overly expensive compared to some free from foods.

Bad points

I think it missed the mark, not enough pastry, too much cinnamon.

I probably wouldn’t buy this product again. They also make vegan pizza, a lentil cottage pie, a veg one pot, and two types of curry. I’d be willing to give any of them a go, at the right price.

I would give the apple pie a 2 out of 5 stars.

Over and out.


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