What’s Happening Wednesday: 27/11/2019

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another What’s Happening Wednesday.

In the last week I’ve had a couple of visits from friends and family, which were nice. I’ve also been out on a couple of day trips and went to a car boot sale and environmental fayre on the weekend. I only bought from one stall at the car boot but I picked up a lot of bargain wooden toys including a piece from Grimms that I got for £2 and it retails at around £34 new, bargain indeed. They also had a lot of gorgeous clothes so I snapped those up as well.

In the last week I’ve been on eBay a lot, scouring for bargains for Violet and I’ve managed to get a lot of Melissa and Doug stuff which I am so happy about. I’m still reading The Humans, and still watching the same TV as last week. The Italian is coming along well because I’ve really been focusing on it in whatever free time I have. I ordered some vegan sushi from Swshi and it was some of the best I have ever eaten, the inari nigiri was probably one of the nicest things I have ever eaten. I’ve also managed to keep on top of the cleaning and exercise this week so that’s a good thing.

Swimming is going better, she only cried once this week but I still reckon it’s a fluke! She really loves being in the highchair, at the moment we are using it to do puzzles but she will be having her first solid food two weeks on Saturday. We also started using the baby signing kit, at the moment we are just trying two signs- playtime with Bamba and drink. We are still doing all her physical exercises and she has rolled from her back and side onto her front a couple of times, but gets her arm stuck underneath her. She is liking to be supported sitting up and standing. She now really enjoys playing with her feet but can’t get them in her mouth yet. We are also really loving story time and are making our way through all of her books, she really likes flipping the pages on her board books.

That’s it for another Wednesday, catch you next week.

Over and out.


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