Friday Try Day: Bells & Whistles Cake Slice

Hey everyone,

Today I will be reviewing a nut truffle flavour cake slice made by Bells & Whistles. The slice has a coconut and almond base, with a chocolate ganache and nuts. Bells & Whistles say that their cake slices do not contain guilt, regret or disappointment, and that they aimed to create an indulgent free from treat. I picked the product up from ASDA and paid £1.75 for it.

The slices come in a small, neat package. Perfect for taking with you. The film and tray are both plastic. The slices smell of coconut, chocolate and nuts. The chocolate taste is quite strong and a little bitter, but doesn’t linger. The slices are sweet, but not sickly and nutty, but not overly so. There is an aftertaste of slight bitterness and nuttiness. They are very soft to bite into and melt away as you eat them.

Good points

The slices are gluten free, if that is something you are after. They are only 120 calories a slice, if you are watching your weight. They are perfectly sized little bites of loveliness.

Bad points

They aren’t cake slices, they are more akin to a raw slice, but maybe that’s me being pedantic. Also, I wish there were more in a pack, although I have seen larger packs available since I originally wrote this.

I am not sure I would buy them again, I just feel like I wanted a bit more for the price. Bells & Whistles also make a berry & cashew, and a ginger & apricot version of the cake slices, but I’m not really interested in those flavours. I would definitely try the slices again if they came in another flavour which I did like.

I would give the cake slices a 4 out of 5.

Over and out.


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