Money Making Monday: Your Say Pays

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Money Making Monday! This week I’ll be talking about Your Say Pays.

Your Say Pays is a survey site, and is probably one of the most simply designed sites that I am a member of. The dashboard, or homepage, has links to your profile and account and that’s pretty much it. When there are available surveys they appear on the homepage but otherwise it stays empty. What I like about it is that the majority of the surveys are very quick to complete, I’d say five minutes or less, and the rewards for that are reasonable, usually around 5-10p. Occasionally they run longer, more rewarding surveys such as rating your interactions with certain companies and these pay around 50p per offering.

The only downsides I would say is that I do get signed out of maybe half of the surveys I attempt, but this will vary due to the required demographics they are looking for. Also, there aren’t too many surveys available on there, I get maybe one or two a day, some days there aren’t any, so it can take a while to hit the cash out threshold of £20.

I’ve been a member of the site since July 2017 and have made £38.35 in that time, although I haven’t always been actively taking surveys in that period.

Over and out.


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