What’s Happening Wednesday: 04/12/2019

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another What’s Happening Wednesday.

I’m so excited that I can finally announce that the ‘future plans’ I’ve mentioned a few times recently have finally come to fruition! We have bought our first home! It was a long and frustrating 4-5 months and we still have to renovate it (well James does, while I look after our rented house and the baby) but hopefully we will be in there before Christmas.

I have been far too busy this week to do any reading of my own but I hope to fit a little in this week. I’ve been managing to keep on top of the house work and exercising, and have been keeping up with my Italian, though not as much as I would have liked to. I am still watching the same TV and am looking forward to a few new and continuing shows this month, starting with the next season of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel.

Violet has made a few developments in the last week, she can sit up for a little while unaided although she hasn’t quite mastered it yet. She is also turning over on her side a lot and has even gone over onto her front but can’t get her arm out from underneath her yet. She is liking to stand up with our help, and is moving about in the bouncer but not quite bouncing yet. Violet is really liking books, and likes her soft concertina one, she plays with it when she is in the bouncer. She loves being up high in the highchair, and we have used the tray to play with ice and water, she found that really interesting. Swimming is still going well, she hardly cries now, and she is loving baths more and more, especially splashing us! We are still doing baby signing, and haven’t added any more signs just yet. Next week she will be 6 months and we will start baby led weaning.

That’s it for another What’s Happening Wednesday, see you next week.

Over and out.


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