Try Day Friday: Wicked Caesar Wrap

Hey everyone,

I know this is going up on Saturday, I’ve been very busy sorry!  Today I am reviewing the new wicked caesar wrap from Wicked Kitchen. I picked it up in Tesco for £3. The two wraps come in a paper and plastic bag with a paper tray. The bag cannot be recycled.

The immediate scent of the product is mild and herby, it tastes quite savoury with a salty, herby creaminess. The flavour isn’t particularly intense. The tortilla itself is really soft and I like that, there was a slight crunch from the greens and a little chew from the chicken. There is no crunch at all from the supposed chickpea croutons. The sauce was quite creamy but I feel like there could have been more of it.


Good points

I mean it’s okay for a quick pick me up in a pinch.

Bad points

It’s not fantastic, especially for the price. I had a better caesar experience with the salad at M&S.

I’ve already tried a lot of the Wicked Kitchen products, including the new jalapeno burgers which I will review next week. I have to say, I am not a massive fan of any of them. However, it wouldn’t stop me trying new products from them in the hope that I like something.

I would give the wrap a 2 out of 5 stars.

Over and out.


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