What’s Happening Wednesday: 11/12/2019

Hey everyone and welcome back to another What’s Happening Wednesday.

This month has been, and is going to continue to be, a very busy month but hopefully everything will start to settle down soon and we can get some stress free normalcy as a gift for New Years. Fingers crossed.

I still haven’t gotten around to reading any more of my book, but have been reading a lot of Violet’s books to her, we are making our way through her advent calendar! I’m still watching the same TV and will hopefully start the next season of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel this week. I’m excited for the Strictly final. Exercise has been going much the same as last week and I haven’t spent as much time learning Italian but I have put in a good few hours that I can be happy with.

In the last week Violet and I have done quite a bit, we had a visit from my sister in law and nephew and the babies did some hand and footprints with paint. We have been working on rolling and sitting again and are making some good progress, and she is able to stand for longer before her legs buckle. She is starting to get object permanence but isn’t quite there yet. Her passing from hand to hand is becoming smoother and she is starting to blow raspberries. We have been playing a lot of musical instruments and she is really enjoying her new triangle. She is also liking the bouncer more but still isn’t bouncing yet. We had our six month health visitor appointment today and did really well in all the tests and is growing well too, they are really happy and so are we. She is 26 weeks on Friday, and six months on Saturday. We are going to a baby sensory Christmas party on Saturday as well, not sure what to expect but hopefully she enjoys it.

That’s it for another week, see you next Wednesday.

Over and out.


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