Try Day Friday: Bounty and Galaxy Non Dairy Drinks

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Try Day Friday (yes, on a Sunday because I thought I had scheduled this to go, apparently not!). This week it’s the Bounty and Galaxy vegan milkshakes.

I picked these up in ASDA, they are both 250ml bottles and cost £1.50 each. The bounty drink is made with coconut milk, and the galaxy drink is made with oat milk. The bottles and lids are plastic.

The bounty drink smells of sweet coconut and chocolate, and it tastes pretty much the same. A lovely chocolate milk flavour with creamy coconut, it has a sweetness but also a little saltiness. There is a sightly bitter chocolate aftertaste. I found the drink quite watery, and only slightly creamy in texture.


The galaxy drink smells of really strong sweet chocolate and tastes of creamy, sweet chocolate. There is a subtle aftertaste, with a very slight hint of salt. Again, the texture was fairly thin and only slightly creamy.71242701_401348713886066_3386546876416262144_n

Good points

The flavours were nice.

Bad points

They are expensive when compared to the non dairy version (the sugar free galaxy milk shake is £1.40 for 400ml) and I would have preferred a thicker, creamier drink.

I would give both of these drinks a 3 out of 5 stars.

Over and Out.


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